RV Air Conditioner

All Electric 220Volt RV AIR CONDITIONER

& DC Electric 24 Volt AIR CONDITIONERS

Air Conditioning systems for Motor-Homes, Mobile-Offices, Mobile-Hospitals etc.

& Other Customized Applications

NIHON Engineering Co., is offering complete range 220V electrically operated RV air conditioning system, and

24 Volt DC Electric Air conditioner for mobile-homes, mobile-offices, Caravans, mobile-Hospitals and various other customized applications, to meet any demand on any vehicle, off-road & on-road both, and they guarantee the highest level of human comfort, with maximum power efficiency and minimum operating costs.


Our DC Electric 24V Air Conditioner does not required belt driven compressor, it is a complete power-pack with built-in DC compressor, Thus it confirm no-load on vehicle engine.

Power Source 220V/1ph/50hz 24 Volt DC
Cooling Capacity 3400 Kcal/hr 2800 Kcal/hr
Cold Air Flow m3/hr 3600 4000
Condenser Fan 2 fans 3 fans
Compressor Electric 220V AC Electric 24V DC