Technical Assistance:

NIHON Engineering Co., actively provides Technical Assistance on our supplied bus a/c, heating, ventilation & truck refrigeration solutions, where our engineers have many years experience and that are assigned to customers in all relation steps with NIHON Engg. Co., from the beginning of their best solution choice, to the assistance during the installation, to the assistance during the Warranty period, and even post warranty period.

Installation Support:

There are many differences between each type of air conditioning, heating, ventilation & truck refrigeration systems. NIHON Engineering Co., is capable enough to to guide your technical team to install and use the products correctly through various supports:

Warranty Support

You have our backup support & 1 year warranty in dealing with any quality issues. Our technical support team is more than happy to assist you.

If some quality issues occur or you want to know more maintenance details, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are able to give you different types of supports during this period:

Service Centers:

NIHON Engineering Co., is having its own service centers, and authorized service dealers network in all major cities of Pakistan, where we manage to deal with routine servicing and maintenance jobs to our supplied bus a/c or truck refrigeration solution, we also maintain inventory of frequently replaceable spare parts at our service centers.